The Wisconsin Council on Community Corrections

Community Service Award

This award, established in 2004, recognizes a person in the private sector who demonstrates a high level of commitment and professionalism to community-based corrections; who has been instrumental in either improving existing services to offenders in community-based corrections or in piloting new services; who reflects the Wisconsin Council on Community Corrections mission to promote the development and understanding of humane, effective and responsible treatment and services for community-based corrections; and who works to promote and develop alternative community-based corrections programs for offenders with legislative representatives, the Department of Corrections leaders, the community, etc.

2020 - Vicki Trebian
2019 - Laurie Lessard
2018 - Celesta Miller
2016 - 2017 No awards given these years
2015 - Paulette Romashko
2014 - Joe Spolowicz
2013 - Anne Strauch
2012 - Joe Wilz
2011 - Betty Gregory-Paasch
2009 - Constance Shaver
2008 - Terry Marshall
2007 - Stephen Swigart
2006 - Karen Kinsey
2005 - Michael Houlihan
2004 - Erwin Heinzelmann
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