The Wisconsin Correctional Association (WCA) is a state chapter of the American Correctional Association (ACA).  When you join the Wisconsin Correctional Association, you are also joining the national American Correctional Association where you'll have dual membership in both.

Click on the link below. Select the MEMBERSHIP tile pull-down on the wide blue band. It will
turn red as it presents you with membership options. Select “Join ACA” on the pull-down
menu. Sign up for a NEW membership by clicking the big blue tile near the bottom of the
screen, “Click here to join ACA online.” You want to select Professional I, which for 1 year is $35.


Membership Liaisons

Membership liaisons are responsible for promoting the Wisconsin Correctional Association in their workplace which includes communicating trainings, workshops and conference information to staff as well as being a resource for new members.

If you are interested in being a membership liaison for your place of work, please contact Theresa Anderson.

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